Why You Should Stop Washing Your Face

posted: 04/14/15
by: Britt Reints
Why You Should Stop Washing Your Face
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Why are you using harsh cleansers on your face?

I haven't washed my face in six weeks. Instead of removing makeup and dirt with soap or expensive cosmetic cleansers, I've been slathering oil on my face at night. My skin has never looked better.

I started looking for an alternative to my traditional skincare routine because I'm trying to be more frugal and green. I discovered that washing my face with soap twice a day was as bad for my skin as it was for my wallet and the planet.

Although we've been taught that oil is the enemy and the root of all blemishes, our skin actually needs oil to stay healthy. Our body naturally produces oil, which acts as a lubricant and protective barrier. Well-oiled skin will be soft, supple and glowing.

Soaps wash away this precious oil, leaving skin overly dry and vulnerable. For many of us, our skin attempts to fight back by boosting oil production, resulting in aging skin that's more problematic than anything we experienced in high school.

So, what's a girl to do?

How do we get rid of yesterday's smoky eye without soap?

Actually, most women and makeup artists already know that oil is the best way to remove stubborn mascara and eyeliner. What you might not realize is that oil is also the best solution for cleaning the rest of your face.

Yep, oil can get the dirt and grime off your face, while still leaving your skin lubricated, moisturized and protected. Skincare experts call it the Oil Cleansing Method, and it costs a fraction of what you're probably paying for cosmetic soaps.

How it works:

Science tells us that oil dissolves oil. The oil cleansing method uses clean oil to dissolve the dirty oil that's mixed with gunk and hardened into our pores, forming blackheads and whiteheads. We wipe the dirty oil away, while still leaving a layer of healthy oil behind.

To use the oil cleansing method:

1. Combine 1 part castor oil to 4 parts extra virgin olive oil.

2. Massage a quarter-sized drop of the blended oil into your skin.

3. Wet a washcloth with hot water and press it to your face until the rag cools.

4. Gently wipe the oil away with the washcloth.

5. Rinse the washcloth in hot water and press it over your face again until it cools.

That's it. If your skin feels a little dry, pat a tiny bit of the oil blend onto your face.

Doing this each night should leave your skin clean and soft. Over time, you'll notice fewer blemishes as the oil works to unclog your pores. You should also see your skin becoming more naturally balanced.