Why You Should NOT Try the Viral Pasta Draining Hack

posted: 10/09/17
by: Amanda Mushro

Who doesn't love a good life hack? Any tip or trick that makes life a little easier is always welcome in my house. Some of the best life hacks are the ones that some genius thinks up, shares on social media, and BOOM--instantly makes our life a little better. So if you've seen the latest vial life hack making its rounds on social media, you might think it will forever change the way you drain boiling pasta water. However, this life hack could actually hurt you.

"There's actually a ton wrong with this," James Briscione, director of culinary research for the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City told the TODAY Show. "Let's start from a safety perspective. There's a high risk of burning yourself, either on the pot or with the water when you pour it out. If you aren't holding it securely, you have a good chance of pouring pasta into your sink, which is not hygienic. Depending how hot your pot is, there's also a good possibility of melting the colander and ruining your pot."

If you are feeling daring and willing to risk potential burns or ruined dinner, at least skip this hack so you can save some of the cooking water. Any chef will tell you that pasta cooking water is liquid gold when it comes to cooking.

Adding a few tablespoons of the salted cooking water to the sauce will help the noodles get covered in the yummy sauce, and it gives your sauce a delicious silky texture. So don't toss it all down the drain because you can actually put the cooking water into ice cube trays and save it for sauces and stocks--now that is a life hack that is actually worth trying.

So for this viral life hack, we are going to give it two thumbs down. But if you are looking for a few life hacks that do work and won't leave you with burned fingers, check out a few of our Life Hacks.