Why You Should Give Up Being a Workaholic

posted: 04/16/18
by: Kristine Boyd

We live in a world that values work. From a young age, your parents give you jobs around the house, delivering mail to the neighbors or working at the local grocery store. Through these jobs, we learned to value hard work in a healthy way. But, it starts to come a problem when being a workaholic is glorified. When many of us picture successful people, aside from fancy cars and clothes, we probably think of them on stressful calls at all hours of the day, running from meting to meeting and never having time to take a break. This image leads us to think that if you're not working 24/7 and never taking any rests, you're not working hard enough. It can be easy to feel lazy if you're not adopting the "all work, no play" mentality.

Who can relate? #workoholic

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When society is promoting the "no days off" way of life, many of us feel pressure to spread ourselves thin by working more and taking on new tasks. The problem with the workaholic epidemic, is that it is actually counterproductive. If you work all day with no breaks, your brain is not functioning properly. When you work all day and night, your mind physical can't work at its full potential. When you put this pressure on yourself, you are often stressed and mentally drained. This only makes your workplace a more stressful environment that, not only hurts you, but all the co-workers in your office.

By now you are probably wondering how to break this cycle. The easiest way to stop being a workaholic is by doing one simple task: planning. It may seem counterproductive to use planning as a way to stop working, but it's needed in order to stay accountable. Every day, you should plan a break. Maybe not allow any meetings at a certain time, schedule any errands for later in the day or plan your alone time around your kid's activities. You should be using this break to enjoy your lunch, read a book or do yoga. This is your time to do whatever you want.

You should also plan vacations. Everyone needs vacations in order to, not only enjoy time off, but to be able to come back to work feeling recharged. A few simple planned breaks can make a world of a difference in your life. It is not worth stressing every minute of every day in order to feel like you are working hard. Take a breath and enjoy your deserved relaxation time to break the workaholic cycle.