Why You Really Should Hop on The Adult Coloring Book Trend

posted: 11/19/15
by: Courtney Reimer
picture of adult coloring book
YouTube/Olly LoveArt

Perhaps you've heard about this new trend of "adult coloring books," and perhaps you've thought they were either NC-17 or not worth your time (or both). If that's the case, you thought wrong: adult coloring books are the latest leisure activity that's totally appropriate for public consumption -- and age-appropriate for grown-ups.

Some compelling reasons to try out some adult coloring books:

1. They are an excellent stress-fighter. Focusing on the pages and the color has an immersive effect that can take you away from your daily obligations.

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2. You can do it side-by-side with your children. How many kids' activities can you say you all truly enjoy partaking in? This is a rare feat, and one to be indulged.

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3. They're simply beautiful to look at.
We are particularly partial to these Posh adult coloring books (even the name is alluring), and the Secret Garden one is a fan favorite.

4. You need a leisure activity that doesn't involve a screen.
There are serious drawbacks to always staring into the abyss of your phone, laptop or tablet. For one, it can lead to sleep problems -- studies have shown that the backlight on these screens simulates sunlight for your brain, thus having a wake-you-up affect. Better to unwind with something that takes you away from that.

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5. It doesn't require a huge investment.
While these adult coloring books aren't as cheap as the ones you find for kids at the dollar store, they are a relatively inexpensive hobby. They range from about $6 on the low end and roughly $15 on the high end. Add colored pencils to the mix and you're still at a lower price point than a night out or a handful of mobile game apps.

6. The finished product can be truly beautiful. Some colorers have raised trend this to a true artform; with practice, you, too, may be as talented as YouTuber Olly Loveart.