Why You Need to Travel Alone At Least Once

posted: 04/24/18
by: Kristine Boyd

We often travel with partners or in groups. It can be a scary thought to go places you are unfamiliar with alone. Even getting on a plane or going on a long drive alone can seem intimidating. However, there is something to be said about feeling that fear and doing it anyway. That is why you need to travel alone at least once!


When you travel alone, you have freedom to do whatever you want. It can be hard traveling with multiple people because everyone wants to do different things. If you travel by yourself, you will have the ability to make the most of your trip and experience everything you want. You won't be on anyone else schedule but your own, making it the trip you've always wanted.

Alone Time

There is something to be said about having quality alone time. At first, it can be easy to feel lonely and bored. But if you use it as an opportunity to have quiet time to reflect and slowdown from your daily grind, you will see the benefits that this time has. The more alone time you have, the more you will learn to rely on yourself instead of others.

You are More Present

Traveling with others leads to a lot of photoshoots, Instagram selfies and work/life rants. But when you are alone, you are less likely to pull out your phone to snap a picture. You are also not talking with your friends about whatever is going on in your life at home. When you are alone, you are truly in the moment and can savor that feeling.

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Meet New People

While you will have quality alone time, traveling alone will also allow you the chance to meet new people. You will be more likely to the visitor at the restaurant or interact with the locals. You may even find yourself making new friends and going on different adventures with them during your stay. Meeting new people can be a refreshing and eye-opening experience that you don't always get in your daily routine.

It Builds Confidence

Exploring a new city on your own can build a lot of confidence. You will have to find your way around, talk to new people and try new things. For a frequent traveler, these things may not seem that important. But to someone who never travels alone, this is a huge step outside of their comfort zone. Taking these risks and getting out of your routine can help build tons of confidence.

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Whether you enjoy travel or not, we think that it is extremely important for everyone to travel alone at least once. Next time you want to plan a trip, consider a plane ticket for one. It can seem like a scary experience, but you won't regret it! Check out how to travel on a dime.