Why You Actually Should Eat Late Night Snacks

posted: 06/01/18
by: Kristine Boyd

If you have ever read any sort of "weight loss tips" article, you have probably heard never to eat snacks before bed. Many trusted professionals swear that eating past a certain time is not what someone should be doing if they are trying to get in shape. You have probably also heard no fruit after lunch, eat dinner before 8 and late-night snacks are the enemy. While these facts may be backed up by science, we are here to rewrite the rules of late night snacking.


The truth is: life gets busy. We don't all have time to plan out perfectly scheduled healthy meals that leave enough time to digest them before we go to bed. Many of us have trouble even figuring out what to make for dinner, let alone plan what time we eat at. And even when we do all of those things, sometimes out bodies get hungry after dinner. And we are here to say: that's okay!

If you find yourself starving a few hours after you eat dinner, don't try to ride it out. Listen to your body and have a snack. In the long run, a handful of almonds or a protein bar is not going to make or break your health and fitness journey. In fact, making sure that you aren't hungry before you go to bed may actually help you sleep better! Trying to be healthy is all about creating a realistic lifestyle that you can follow without too much effort.


If you are a serial late night snacker, just try to make healthy swaps instead of cutting it out completely. You can try nuts, seeds, bars, healthy crackers, popcorn and so many other healthy late night snacks that will beat all your cravings! The healthy snack options at the grocery store are endless! Stock up on some of your favorites for those late-night trips to the pantry. Having healthy options around your house will prevent you from making a stop at the drive-thru.


Bottom line: if you are hungry, you should eat (no matter what time of day it is). If your stomach is growling at 11pm, it is a sign from your body that you need to eat. Having a few simple snacks at the end of the day is perfectly okay as long as you are making healthy choices! Never deprive your body of the nutrition it needs. After all, a healthy lifestyle is all about balance and trying your best to make healthy choices!