Why Using a Planner Can Prevent Unwanted Stress

posted: 02/20/18
by: Kristine Boyd


Everyone gets stressed from time to time. However, some of us get stressed more than others. For those of you who find yourself in a constant battle between balancing work, life and other goals, then you need to invest in a planner. Planners are a cheap way to reduce everyday stress that can occur on a daily basis. A lot of people think that listing out the tasks they need to accomplish is stressful. However, avid planners beg to differ. There is a saying that outer order equals inner calm. When you have things organized on the outside, you feel better on the inside. That is why writing down everything you need to do in a planner isn't stressful, but helpful!

Start with writing out the tasks that you absolutely have to have done that day. Whether it's to give a presentation at work or it's the last day to return library books. Then write down the things you would like to get done by today. This is where you write down things like working out, grocery shopping and laundry. Lastly, write down a few things you would like to accomplish that day that will bring you joy. Make a note to read for 15 minutes or take a bath. Writing it down along with the list of your other tasks will help you stay motivated throughout the day.

By giving yourself a daily mission and set of tasks to complete, you are creating an environment of success. Every time you check something off of your list you will feel a sense of accomplishment. Something about being productive during the day makes us feel happy and less stressed. It is also important to include things on your list that you truly want to do. Use these as motivation to get all your other work done.

Have fun with your planning! You can use different colors for different tasks and make it a fun activity that you actually enjoy doing. Instead of keeping everything you need to do in your head, write it down! Keeping an ongoing to-do list in your brain is only going to create more stress un your life. Stress-less with this planning method and let us know what you think in the comments!