Why Swearing Off Diets for Good is the Best Fitness Strategy

posted: 02/02/18
by: Kristine Boyd

We are constantly surrounded by the latest fad diets that claim to change your body and your life. Especially around the new year, people are wanting to try whatever diet they can find in order to reach their fitness goals as fast as possible. Whether it's low-carb, sugar free, or restricted calories, these diets never seem to last. When your body feels deprived, it often will eventually result to in taking a lot off calories in one sitting. Carina Rossi of Popsugar wrote an eye-opening blog post about why she would never diet again.



Carina tried every diet in the book from tea cleanses to soup diets. After years of being unable to maintain these crazy diets and never feeling satisfied, she finally decided enough was enough. It was mentally and physically exhausting to try and keep up with these extreme eating habits. She wanted to be healthy and happy more than anything. She finally found peace when she gave up diets for good. "No matter which diet I tried, I wasn't happy and I definitely didn't feel healthier for it. Ditching [insert stupid diet here] was so easy because it didn't satisfy me nutritionally. Instead it was forcing me to deprive my body of what it desperately needed, ultimately pushing me to quit in frustration, or come to the end of the diet only to binge on the foods that I'd missed," she wrote on Popsugar.



You have probably heard a million times that the key to a healthy lifestyle is balance and moderation. And it's true! But what they don't tell you is that you are going to spend the rest of your life trying to find that perfect balance. Your healthy lifestyle is never going to be perfect. Some weeks you are going to eat healthy and be motivated to work out every day, other weeks you might find yourself grabbing ice cream or drinks with friends. It is important to listen to your body and eat healthy while also allowing yourself to have foods you love.


"I quickly ditched the restrictive eating and irrational mind games I'd secretly play at mealtime, and took a closer look at what made me happy and satisfied me nutritionally. It's all about knowing what it is your body needs and fueling it accordingly."


Try implementing easy healthy habits into your everyday life. Maybe you are really craving pizza so you decide to have a healthy breakfast and lunch so that you can enjoy that slice even more. Or maybe you make the habit of walking every day after dinner. It's the small daily habits and goals we set for ourselves that will really make a difference in our fitness journeys. Don't feel like you have to give up chocolate or tacos for good in order to be healthy! It's about making good choices while also indulging every once in a while.