Why Prince Harry Thinks You Need to Stay off Your Phone

posted: 07/11/17
by: Kristine Boyd
prince harry
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Prince Harry has recently spoken out about the amount of smartphone use in today's world. We are constantly checking social media, texting friends and surfing the web and Prince Harry wants us to slow down. "I read recently that young people check their phones at least 150 times per day. I'm sure we could all be more effective and efficient if we took a moment to process our thoughts rather than rushing from one thing to the next," he told Huffpost.

It is becoming a reality that social media can increase risk for depression and anxiety. Constantly looking at photo-shopped pictures, smiling faces and people with seemingly perfect lives can cause some harmful effects on the brain. Far too many people are suffering from mental issues due to smartphone use. Because we are seeing the highlight reel of people's lives, it is easy to believe that our life isn't good enough. Prince Harry wants to open up the conversation about mental health, not just on the internet, but in everyday life.

"I cannot tell you how pleased William, Catherine and I are that the dial seems to have shifted and that there is now greater understanding, compassion and kindness for anyone who opens up about their struggles," he told Huffpost. "But let's not kid ourselves that the job is done -- there is much, much more that we can do at every level to make conversations about mental health as common place as those about physical health."

We agree with you Prince Harry! Here is a message from our vlogger, Pooh, about chilling out on the social media!

Pooh-losophy: Chill Out on the Social Media

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You cannot substitute human interaction for digital interaction, make eye contact, not screen contact.