Why “Phubbing” Could Be Ruining Your Relationship

posted: 07/17/17
by: Kristine Boyd
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Young businessman using his smart phone while his wife is getting bored at the dinner date.

You're out to dinner with your significant other and you get a text from one of your friends. If you are one to check your phone mid conversation, you may want to considering quitting this habit. Research has shown that this phenomenon, known as phubbing, can cause issues in our relationships. Phubbing is defined by researchers as, "when we snub someone mid conversation by going on our phones."

This has proven to have negative effects on our relationships due to interrupting quality time. When you look down at your phone during a conversation, your partner may interpret this as you not caring about what they are saying. This can make your partner feel unimportant and uncared for. Phubbing can cause major strains on your relationship if it is a constant issue.

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A small group of people playing a game on their smart phones and walking around the city.
This study revealed that the average person looks at their phone up to 150 times a day. A sample of 143 individuals involved in romantic relationships were surveyed and 70 percent said that cell phones often interfered with interactions with their significant others. Researches also surveyed 450 people where 22 percent admitted to arguing as a result of phubbing.

Next time you are out with your partner try to separate from your mobile device and it could significantly improve your relationship. Living in the digital age, we are all guilty of doing this. One day at a time we can try to lessen our phone use for better and more fulfilling relationships!

Via: Daily Mail