Why One Company Wants You to Snapchat Your Job Application

posted: 05/25/16
by: Mara Betsch

You may think Snapchat is just a platform for teens to send silly pictures, but with brands and businesses using it as a marketing tool, it is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with (moms already love it!). And this week, a company took it one step further. Everlane, an online retail company based in San Francisco, asked for those wishing to join their company to submit a story on Snapchat and email it to them...as their job application!

In a quick post on Lever, the company asks applicants for a Snapchat story. "What's the best way to get hired in 2016? We think this might be it. Tell us why you'd be perfect for any open roles by making a Snapchat story. We welcome you to name a role as well." They then ask each applicant to make a 60-90 second video and email it to them.

Though it's easy to write this off as a ploy to generate buzz for their company, it actually makes sense from a business perspective. If Everlane wants to hire people who can make an impact through social media, why not have them prove it before extending an offer?

And, as an upside for applicants who may get nervous during formal interviews, this may be a way for them to showcase their abilities in a relaxed atmosphere. So the next time your friend (or child) get lost in the plethora of Snapchat filters, don't be so quick to stop them. You never know -- it may be the ticket to their dream job.