Why Making a To-Do List Every Morning Can Change Your Life

posted: 06/14/17
by: Kristine Boyd
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Life can be overwhelming sometimes. We have to go to meetings, workout, make dinner, do the laundry and somehow find time to do the things that makes us happy. You could be doing everything, yet still feel unsatisfied. But what if getting things done wasn't stressful, but was actually gratifying. It is time to start changing your life with to-do lists. I'm not talking about a mundane list of every errand you need to run that day. I'm talking about daily to-do lists that will help motivate you to achieve your goals.

Write out your goals

The first step in this process is to brainstorm what your goals are. Keeping everything that you want to accomplish in your head can clutter your mind and make you even more stressed. Write it down! Think of your dream life and goals you want to set in order to get there. Maybe you want to work out more, save money for a vacation, or maybe you want to start your own business. Don't hold back, dream big! From your small goals to your big ones, write them down.

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Woman is writing her diary in the morning. Sitting by lake.

Think of achievable tasks

After waking up every morning, reflect on your goals and write out your to-do list. This will only take you a few minutes, but will motivate you for the rest of the day. When making your to-do list, think of small things you could do that day to get closer to achieving your goals. These don't have to be elaborate lists with more tasks than you can handle. If you want to work out more, make one of your daily tasks to go for a walk on your lunch break. If you want to declutter your whole house, pick one room to clean. Keep things simple and achievable.

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Why does this change your life?

Writing things down holds you accountable. If you're looking at a to-do list all day, you will be eager to check things off and it will feel like a huge accomplishment when you do. After using this method for a while, you will become addicted to it. You will notice your goals and dreams becoming a reality and you'll find yourself excited to get up in the morning and be productive. You will start making your personal goals a priority in your life. Next thing you know going to the gym will be a habit, your house will be free of clutter and you will finally start that business you've been talking about for years!

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