Why “Little” Newlyweds Jeremy & Audrey Roloff Made a “Big” Move to Oregon

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by: Audrey Roloff
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Jeremy and Audrey’s Big Move: Deciding on Bend (Part 2 of 4)

We found ourselves 10 months in Los Angeles, I had just put in my two weeks notice at my company, we had one month left on our lease, and we were ready for the season in the city to come to an end. We moved to L.A. for our careers, but began to realize that our careers weren't worth compromising our quality of life and the values we held prominent. We decided it was time to leave the city. So we headed to a cabin in the woods on Big Bear Lake, and spent a weekend in silence and solitude praying and fasting about the decision that lay ahead of us.

Shortly after arriving at our cozy cabin, we lost power...The thunder and lightning storms were deafening, and for me, frightening. Jer made a fire, and we enjoyed a night stripped from distractions, phones, people, noise, lights, and power;)

We went into the weekend with the intent to leave Sunday morning with a decision. When it comes to making big decisions I've found that deadlines are key. Without them, decisions are often made for you.

On Saturday morning we woke up in silence, and then remained silent until dinner that day. We spent a full day reading, writing, praying, thinking, and living in silence. All day we sought the Lord's guidance and wisdom over where we should begin a new chapter in our lives.

During my time in silence, I spent some time writing down a list of questions that I thought might help us come to our decision. At the end of our time in silence we generated some answers to the questions. Some of the questions included: Where do we want to raise a family? What is our mission? What should we quit or give up? How will we make a living? Who should we seek mentorship and wise council from? How should we spend/save money? What could the farm be used for in years to come? How can we combine our gifts? What are we most thankful for? When will we travel? How can we serve?

After answering some of these questions together, we were able to narrow down our moving options to three locations. We wrote out pros and cons for each location on a massive piece of butcher paper. The top of the paper read: "The Farm - Santa Barbara - Bend" Underneath each place, we listed out the pros and cons for each place. Ultimately, the farm reigned in favor, of course. But after lots of reflection and discussion we decided that it wasn't our "next step." We wanted to spend some more time away from the familiar, with minimal distractions, and save up some money to build a home.

So that left us deciding between between Santa Barbara (where we thought we would end up moving prior to the weekend) or Bend (which wasn't even an option prior to the weekend).

And here we are, in Bend, Oregon. We never thought we'd end up here if you told us a year ago or even a month ago, but the Lord makes the path clear when we create time and space to listen.

Here's some of our "pros" for Bend:

  • Quality of Life
  • Proximity to the farm
  • Don't have to fly home all the time
  • The mountain
  • Outdoor town
  • Cost of living
  • Lakes, forest, fields
  • Biking and running trails
  • Video work opportunities for Jer
  • Live in a house
  • Lots of entrepreneurs and start-ups
  • The Deschutes river
  • My parents have a house there and come a lot in the winter
  • My brother lives there and can assist for Jer
  • Snow and seasons
  • Mentorship and spiritual growth
  • Save money to build a home on the farm
  • Quieter
  • Closer to our lifelong friends
  • Less distractions and culture craziness
  • Healthy food/lifestyle
  • Gives us time to plan for business ideas on the farm
  • We LOVE it
  • People don't walk around half-naked
  • Down to earth
  • Potential to work from home
  • Close to Portland for jobs
  • Rock climbing
  • Safe
  • Have a garage
  • Young Life
  • People we want to learn from
  • The ability to be hospitable (more space)
  • Campfires
  • Cuddly winter nights
  • Dutch Brothers Coffee
  • Worthy Brewing
  • Small town vibe

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