Why Kate Middleton Used Hypnosis During her Pregnancy

posted: 04/30/18
by: Kristine Boyd

Kate Middleton just gave birth to her beautiful baby boy! After having three children, Kate definitely has a few tricks up her sleeve when it comes to pregnancy. Most women suffer from morning sickness, body aches and birth pains. Kate has suffered with severe morning sickness in her previous pregnancies, and this one was no exception. She has always had trouble gaining weight during pregnancy and has even been "bump shamed" by the public. However, she has found the one thing that actually helps her stay positive and healthy when it comes to these frustrating symptoms: hypnosis!

Hypnotherapy has helped Kate through all of her battles with uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms. Using hypnosis can seem a little odd, as it is not talked about very often. However, it can provide tons of health benefits for soon-to-be moms undergoing severe morning sickness and pains. Kate used this practice to help regain her appetite during those terrible nauseas hours. We know that proper nutrition is an essential part of a healthy pregnancy, which is why she was so determined to find a solution to morning sickness. She used this treatment to help change her mindset around food and help her body to crave delicious, healthy meals.

The Duke & Duchess carried out two engagements in Islington today to celebrate the Commonwealth. This was the last time we will see Kate until after her baby arrives. Firstly they met with athletes who are supported by SportsAid, an organisation that helps the next generation of British sports stars by giving them financial support and recognition during the critical early stages of their careers. Hundreds of SportsAid athletes are gearing up for the upcoming Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast, where they will have the chance to compete alongside well-established athletes from across the Commonwealth. This morning, William had a go at wheelchair basketball with a team of athletes who will be competing in the 2022 Games in Birmingham where the sport will feature for the first time. The couple then helped prepare a Commonwealth Big Lunch at Islington's St Luke's Community Centre. The Centre is on the edge of the City of London, a diverse area containing extremes of wealth and poverty. It provides a space for local people to gather and socialise, and for the Centre and other organisations to deliver services and activities for the local community at little or no cost. Their main aim is to enable residents to work, play, and learn together for a mutual benefit and well-being. St Luke's hosts a daily lunch for elderly people, and puts on a Big Lunch every June to celebrate different cultures. William and Kate joined the Central Street Cookery School to prepare the food for the Big Lunch, which is a scheme run by Eden Project Communities that aims to bring communities together through food and friendship. They were also treated to a performance by the local community choir, who promote positive mental health through singing. The Duke & Duchess carried out these events ahead of this year's Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in April, when leaders from all the member countries are expected to gather in London and Windsor. -------------- Kate revealed today that George and Charlotte love making pizza dough and getting their hands dirty. William said that curries are his favourite food. When asked if Kate cooks, she replied, "Yes, yes! I cook a lot!"

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Kate also used hypnotherapy during child birth to help with the extreme pains that accompany it. This practice, known as hypnobirthing, has been used by many celebrity moms including Angelina Jolie and Gisele Bundchen. The process of hypnobirthing focuses on relaxation, deep breathing and visualization techniques. It is thought to keep the body from going into shock and helping the mother to stay in control of the birthing process. This method also allows you to utilize a more natural method of pain relief that will guide your body through the birthing experience.

While this process doesn't completely eliminate morning sickness or birthing pains, it is still an amazing way to naturally teach your body to cope with pregnancy symptoms. I think that we can all agree if it is good enough for Kate Middleton, it is good enough for us!