Why In The World is #BaconScience Trending?

posted: 01/02/18
by: Amanda Mushro
Bacon slice being cooked in frying pan


Now this is a delicious scientific breakthrough. You may love a side of bacon with your breakfast but you probably don't love that bacon is packed full of unhealthy nitrates. However, with some #BaconScience, scientist have found a way to keep bacon on your breakfast menu by making nitrite-free bacon. People were so excited by this bacon breakthrough that #BaconScience was a trending hashtag.

The new nitrate-free bacon is being called Naked Bacon and was created by a partnership between Irish food company Finnebrogue and chemists from Spain. By using fruits and spices, the company has eliminated the need to add nitrates. They also say Naked Bacon tastes great and still has the same shelf life as traditional bacon.

So why are nitrates so bad? Nitrites are preservatives that help keep bacteria out of processed meats and enhances the pink coloring in these meats. However, nitrates are also found in fruits and veggies like spinach and lettuce. According to the World Health Organization, food containing nitrates--like bacon, sandwich meats, and sausages, can cause cancer. They recommend limiting foods with nitrates or finding alternates, like turkey bacon. However, can we all just admit turkey bacon, while enjoyable, is no substitute for real bacon?

"Many forms of processed foods have come under the spotlight over recent years for their unhealthy attributes. Processed red meat in particular has been a focal point," in a company statement, Professor Chris Elliott said. "To have a bacon produced naturally, that doesn't require such chemicals to be added or formed during processing, is a very welcome development."

However, before you head to the grocery store to stock up on this "healthier" bacon, we have some bad news. Naked Bacon is currently only available in the United Kingdom. But we are hoping that the #BaconScience will make its way to our grocery stores soon because we have an empty spot on our breakfast plates for some bacon.