Why Everyone Should Workout on Vacation

posted: 06/22/18
by: Kristine Boyd

When you are in total vacation mode, working out may seem like the last thing on earth you want to do. In fact, you may have even made a decision to not engage in any physical activity whatsoever while away. While going to the gym doesn't seem like something you should be doing during your travels, we are here to disagree (kind of).


Before you rule out working out on vacation, here us out. We all know that vacation means relaxation. However, who's to say that being active isn't going to greatly enhance that Zen mindset! Traveling can be stressful at times because you are trying to meet certain deadlines and excursions. But taking that time in the morning to start your day properly will make all the difference. Think about it, after you work out and your endorphins are running, you're feeling amazing, and you have significantly more energy. All of these factors combined will allow you to truly relax while you're on vacation.



Working out can have the stigma of being an intense, stressful endeavor but, it doesn't have to be! In fact, you don't have to step a foot inside of the dreaded hotel gym once during your trip. Vacation workouts should be as simple as going for a walk along the beach or doing yoga at a local studio. Workouts can also enhance your travel experience by allowing you to see new places! Try doing things like going for a run on a scenic trail, surfing in the ocean, hiking a mountain, or swimming laps.



Most people who love to travel can agree that it gets pretty exhausting. Working out will only help keep your energy up and your momentum going throughout the trip! Staying active will help prevent that post-vacation slump. When you are in a new town or city, odds are you will be soaking up the culture by eating all the amazing local foods. However, a week of indulging in these delicious meals is bound to cause that inevitable energy crash. The best way to combat this is with simple exercise. The power that moving your body has is incredible and will make returning home that much easier.



While it may not seem like something you want to do at the time, working out can change your entire travel experience. It can help give you energy, allow you to relax, and inspire you to explore new places! Find out how you can travel on a dime this summer!