Why Date Nights Are Key to a Healthy Marriage

posted: 10/10/17
by: Katie Morton
Shot of an affectionate couple out on a romantic date

When was the last time you and your spouse got dressed up, turned off your phones, and really enjoyed each other's company? If you answered, "I can't remember," you're overdue for a married date night. Making date night a regular part of your relationship is vital to maintaining a healthy marriage. Need more convincing argument that you should pick up the phone and make that reservation for a party of two? Read on...

1. Date Nights Rekindle the Romance

Perhaps the number one reason to plan date nights is so that you and your spouse can rekindle the romance. As the years go by, work responsibilities, childcare, and running a household can tamper down that burning passion to a barely-there simmer. Planning date nights allows you to dial back up the romance and reminds you both why you got together in the first place.

2. Date Nights Boost Intimacy

Let's talk the birds and the bees: When was the last time you had some good old, blood-pumping s-e-x? If you're looking at your day planner for the answer, then you're overdue for some sexual healing. It's no secret that great marriages report that they maintain robust sex lives. Make time for intimacy and you'll find a renewed connection with your spouse. Bonus: Sex releases a flood of feel-good endorphins, so you'll feel great the next day!

3. Date Nights Indicate Your Marriage is Less Likely to Break Up

Still not convinced that date night should be a top priority? Scientific research indicates "married couples who plan monthly date nights are 14% less likely to break up." According to Dr. Jenn Mann, author of The Relationship Fix, "The most important ingredient to a healthy marriage is connection. The more time, energy, and commitment you put into your relationship, the stronger it will be." Got that? The doctor's prescription for your marriage is to schedule date night ASAP.

4. Date Nights Require You to Relax

Any long-term couples will agree that married life can be stressful. We all need the time to unwind and relax. Planning a date night allows you both to recharge and reconnect in a stress-free environment. If you're both burned out with work or life, in general, then a pampering, relaxing date night will boost your mood.

5. Date Nights Allow You to Try Exciting, New Things

Date nights are the perfect time to try out new things with your spouse. Whether that new thing is the omakase menu at the local sushi spot or indoor skydiving, it's up to you. If you're on a budget (we get it, college tuition and braces won't pay for themselves!), even driving into a new town and trying the first takeout joint you see counts as something new. Use your imagination to come up with fun, new activities. By trying out new experiences, you'll make memories and have something fun to talk about!

Date nights with your spouse will help strengthen your marriage, allow you to reconnect, and boost your intimacy. Spending special, one-on-one time with each other will remind you why got married in the first place.