Why Are People Putting on 100 Layers of Beauty Products?

posted: 07/20/16
by: Ashley Vazquez

A bizzarre beauty trend has taken over the internet. People are putting lots and lots of beauty products on their face-100 layers to be exact.

It all started when youtube nail vlogger SimplyNailogical created a "polish mountain" by applying over 100 coats of nail polish to her nails based a suggestion from one of her subscribers.

Watching her apply layer upon layer of goopy nail polish while simultaneously trying to feed herself pizza is kind of mesmerizing.

The video has gained over 14 million views, inspiring other vloggers to try to attain that same level of success by putting on 100 layers of different beauty products, each one more disturbing than the last.

Nicole Skyes put on 100 layers of mascara, and we can only imagine the pain of taking it all off after.

Then came 100 layers of liquid lipstick, which left Tasha Leelyn with a crusty, nightmarish version of her former lips.

Sweedish youtuber Josephine Lillakas topped them all when she applied 100 layers of foundation to her face. Watch in horror as she transforms from a very pretty girl, to a creature straight out of your nightmares.

The trend doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon, with new Youtubers uploading more "100 layers of" videos every hour, constantly trying to out-do each other. These videos are purely for entertainment, not beauty advice to be taken seriously- but it's crazy to see what people are willing to put themselves through for some channel views.