Who Will Find Love in The Spouse House?

posted: 06/08/17
by: Kate Meroski

These singles know what they want: marriage. And they're ready NOW!

Introducing The Spouse House, the perfect place to meet Mr or Mrs right. With 14 singles, no distractions, and expert advice, will anyone find their perfect match?

It won't be easy. To make a super-speed relationship stick they'll need to be open, honest, and vulnerable from day 1. Otherwise, these singles will leave the way they came: alone.

For eight weeks they'll all live together while relationship experts, clinical psychologist Dr. Isaiah Pickens and relationship coach Christine Hassler, guide and help them find a husband or wife.

Spouse House


The pressure is on! Each week ends with an Engagement Ceremony--if no one proposes, two people will be evicted to make space for new housemates.

The couples who do marry will remain in the house as newlyweds, continuing to interact with the remaining singles and receiving advice from the experts.

How many will find true love? You'll have to tune into the premiere of The Spouse House on July 9th at 10/9c!

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