When Is the Best Time of Day to Put on Antiperspirant?

posted: 06/29/15
by: Mara Betsch

Steamy summer weather will definitely put your antiperspirant to the test. And because no one wants their b.o. to ruin their summer plans, we did some research on how to optimize your deodorant. Bad news: We realized that most of the population is making a big, sweaty mistake when it comes to antiperspirant application.

According to several dermatologists, you shouldn't be applying your antiperspirant in the morning. In fact, you should be applying it at night! Here's why: Antiperspirants are better absorbed if your armpit is dry. If you swipe right after you shower in the morning, when you may still be a little wet, there's less of a chance that the antiperspirant will penetrate your sweat ducts. But, in the evening, when you're less sweaty and your armpit is dry, all the ingredients will be absorbed overnight.

By now, all morning showerers are asking "So what happens when I shower the next day?" The active ingredients in your antiperspirant should last 24 hours and, because they've already plugged your sweat ducts, they won't wash away. If you don't feel quite right not applying anything in the morning, try adding some deodorant to your a.m. routine. Because deodorant doesn't block sweat -- it simply counteracts unpleasant smells -- it won't affect your antiperspirant. Now that you know the trick, enjoy your sweat-free summer.

And if you're still worried about your perspiration situation, SELF asked trainers for their go-to deodorants. If people who sweat for a living use them, they've gotta work, right?