What Your Tendency to Yawn (or Not Yawn) Says About You

posted: 08/26/15
by: Courtney Reimer
Entrepreneur Yawning In Office

Are you one of those people who tends to yawn as soon as you see someone else yawn? If not, it might not be such a great sign about your empathetic tendencies.

In a salaciously titled article called "Are you a psychopath? Your yawns may give you away," Fusion.com cites a study that shows people with psychopathic qualities may be less likely to mirror someone yawning. Apparently the two behavioral aspects of psychopathy ("fearless dominance" and "impulsive antisociality") were not associated with yawning.

But if you don't immediately yawn upon seeing someone else do so, it doesn't automatically mean you're an ax murderer (obviously). Especially if the yawner isn't someone you know. As one of the authors of the study put it: it's pretty hard to have "empathetic connections" with a stranger.

The good news for this writer, either way: I haven't been able to stop yawning for the entire time I've been writing this blog post.