What Your Favorite Halloween Candy Says About You

posted: 10/28/16
by: Kelly McClure

It doesn't matter if your trick-or-treat days are long behind you, candy is for everyone, and Halloween is the biggest candy holiday of the year. We've rounded up some of the traditional, and not so traditional, treats along with a bit of insight as to what your favorite says about you as the fun-lovin, sweet treatin' kid at heart that you are.

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    If Your Favorite is Lollipop with Gum

    You like a little bit of sugar but don’t like to make a big deal out of it. You’re practical and prefer a treat that’s two in one (hard candy, AND gum) because it lasts longer and you can enjoy it at your desk while you work, or while you’re driving around running errands. You also most likely have very strong, healthy teeth. Blow Pops also pair well with your extensive collection of Sexy (fill in the blank) costumes.

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    If Your Favorite is Candy Corn

    You’re a traditionalist when it comes to holidays. You’re the type of person who has your decorations up on October 1st, and completely down and put away by November 1st. You’re a bit sentimental as well and enjoy things that remind you of when you were younger. Your mom probably stuffed your pocket with these as a child and you hold that as a fond memory.

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    Chocolate Covered Candies

    You don’t really get into holidays too much, but you do like chocolate. If you should happen to walk by a bowl of these you can’t resist taking a handful, but you’re not gonna go out of your way to find them for yourself. The tell-tale colors left on your hands after indulging might give you away, so you think ahead by dressing like a ninja every Halloween. No one’s the wiser.

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    Peanut Butter Cups

    You are truly an expert on the finer things in life. Rather than waste your money on cheap products that you’ll just have to buy again in a few weeks/months/years, you save up and get quality stuff that lasts forever, like that buttery leather purse you’ve been eyeing. You are good at ordering wine at restaurants, and actually know what you’re talking about when you do so. You have a collection of foreign films in your media library, and an extensive book collection. You’re also very good on dates. Congratulations, you’re a winner at life.

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    Sour Gummies

    You are an extreme person. You like all the different varieties of Mountain Dew. You enjoy action movies that star hunks like Ryan Gosling and Ben Affleck. You have, at one time or another, proudly hung a brightly colored tapestry in your home. You’re breaking off a piece of life for yourself that is exciting, and filled with glitter and gold. Good for you.

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    If these are seriously your favorite Halloween candy you shouldn’t tell anyone. This is the #1 most discarded candy during Ghostober and if people know you love it then they’ll give all theirs to you and you’ll be swimming in them forever. You’ve probably taken a bite out of a candle at some point in your life and found it to be not too terrible of an experience. Or maybe you’re a grandmother or grandfather, all my apologies for the disrespect, you enjoy whatever you enjoy. LOL, just kidding. You only live once and are free to enjoy everything and anything you want. If Oprah can proclaim her love of bread then you can go public about peanut butter kisses. More from Kelly McClure