What Your Astrological Sign Can Predict About Your Health

posted: 06/09/15
by: Mara Betsch

If you're into horoscopes, you know that your sign can explain telltale characteristics, predict your mood and even tell you when you'll meet Mr. Right. But now a group of researchers has learned that the differences between a Libra and a Capricorn include much more than personality traits.

In fact, Nicholas Tatonetti, PhD, and his team of researchers believe that your birth month reveals your risk for certain diseases. This isn't exactly new information: As far back as 1983, a study found that individuals born in seasons with more abundant home dust mites had a 40% increased risk of developing asthma. But this study, which compared more than 1,600 diseases with birth dates and medical histories of 1.7 million patients, found 55 different diseases that correlated with birth month. And 16 of those were previously unreported!

So how does your birth month (and your child's) stack up? The study indicated that those born in May had the lowest risk of chronic disease while those in October seemed to have the highest. And, if you think about it, the cause-effect relationship makes perfect sense. There are certain environmental factors during the various seasons that could affect your pregnancy.

Consider this: If you're pregnant during winter, there's a stronger likelihood that you'll get the flu, potentially causing respiratory issues for your child. Or, if you are pregnant during the summer months, when you're more likely to get plenty of heart-helping vitamin D, your child will be at a lesser risk for cardiovascular disease.

Below, you can see an overview of where each of the months stack up. And, if you want more details, there's a list of all the conditions and patterns.

Though this may be a bit of a bummer for those born in October, there is a silver lining. The more doctors know about these associations, the more they can do to help you take preventative measures against them. And maybe, just maybe, astrologers will start including this information in your daily horoscopes!