What You Missed on the Emotional First Night of This Is Life Live

posted: 04/24/17

The premiere of This Is Life Live left just about everyone reaching for the tissues! The Long Lost Family crossover event followed two incredible journeys with exciting live conclusions.

We met Tanner and his bride-to-be, Myra, who never strayed from Tanner's side after his terrible motorcycle accident left him wheelchair-bound. All Tanner wanted was to be able to walk to Myra at the altar on their wedding day. Doctors had previously told Tanner he'd never walk again, but he persevered through countless hours of painful physical therapy. All of this work led Tanner to one moment of truth. Watch Tanner make his way to the love of his life in this beautiful live moment.

We also met Ericka who has been searching for her half-sister for years. Right before he passed away, Ericka's father told her that he had another daughter. When this daughter, Tiffany, was located, Ericka was thrilled but also nervous to share the news that their father was no longer living. Watch their heartwarming reunion filmed live.

Head over to Facebook to see interviews with Myra, Tanner, and his parents in our This Is Life Live After Show.
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