What to Do With All of That Leftover Easter Candy

posted: 04/18/17
by: Amanda Mushro
Leftover Easter Candy
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Colorful Easter eggs.

By the time Easter has ended, my kids have collected a mountain of candy from their winnings at several egg hunts in addition to what the Easter Bunny left in their baskets. If you have a ton of delicious chocolate, sweet jelly beans, and piles of marshmallow bunnies and birds, you're probably thinking it is all too much! Since we still have Easter candy floating around our house, some of it needs to go. But rather than tossing it out, here's five creative ways to reuse all of those Easter sweets.

Make Playdoh
- Marshmallow Peeps are an Eastertime staple, but rather than eat all those Peeps, turn them into a sweet smelling Playdoh that your kids will love playing with. All you'll need is a few Peeps, coconut oil, and powdered sugar. Find the full directions here.

Create Candy Infused Vodka- The next time you mix up a cocktail, give it a sweet kick by making jelly bean infused vodka. Start by pouring a half cup of your favorite vodka over a fourth cup of jelly beans. Let them soak for 48 hours before straining out the beans and then feel free to enjoy! Add a little juice or even a splash of white wine of champagne for a fruity flavored cocktail.

Donate the Candy- There are a lot of places that accept Halloween candy as donations, but Easter candy doesn't seem to be as popular. However, Operation Shoebox is always collecting candy that will be sent overseas to military men and women that are serving our country. Operation Shoebox volunteers pack goodie boxes year-round with candy for soldiers, and you can get all of the info here to donate your Easter candy.

Jazz Up Your Morning Coffee- Why have a regular cup of coffee when you can drop in a few pieces of chocolate and add a little warm milk to your coffee for a delicious morning mocha.

Upgrade Regular Desserts- From a box of brownies to ice cream sundaes, top off your ever day desserts with your leftover Easter candy to take a boring treat into a delicious candy delight!