What to Do If Your Flight is Cancelled or Delayed

posted: 04/11/17
by: Amanda Mushro
Flight delay
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Flight delay

Your bags are packed, you are ready to leave, but as soon as you arrive at the airport, you get the dreaded message: your flight has been cancelled or delayed. While you'd like to start panicking or even pouting, now is the time to be strategic. So if it's mother nature's fault or airplane equipment to blame, here are five steps to take to help you get on a plane and get to your destination.

Book Early Morning Flights: While this won't help you if your flight is cancelled today, experts agree that booking early morning flights means less cancellations and delays. Since weather tends to deteriorate throughout the day or mechanical issues happen once a plane has already been in use, early morning flyers are less likely to have their flight plans interrupted.

Call the Airline While You Stand in Line: You'll probably reach someone by phone before you get to the front of the line at the airport, but either way, you'll need to talk to someone from the airline to help you. Remember to be kind but firm when asking to be booked on another airline or the next available flight. Do not get off the phone or out of line until you have new travel plans booked or you'll run the risk of being without a flight for days.

Look for a Hotel: If all flights are cancelled and it looks like the weather is taking a turn for the worse, book a flight quickly online so that you have somewhere to stay. Since many other travelers will be doing the same thing, you'll want to act fast to ensure you have a comfortable place to stay for the night.

Find Your Luggage: If your luggage has been checked, find out where it is located and have an airline representative help you get it to you or your final destination.

If It's Just a Delay, Enjoy the Amenities: Major airports have some amazing restaurants, shopping, and even salons and spas. So if you know you are going to be delayed for a while, release some stress and enjoy these features in your airport. Get a neck massage or find a new book for the plane. Usually we are rushing through security and to our gate so we don't stop at any of these places. But because of the delay, now you have time. So, silver lining?