What Makes You Good at Cards Against Humanity, Bluetooth Tampons and Other Health News

posted: 05/19/16
by: Mara Betsch
Creative Commons

Join us for TLCme's weekly health roundup, where we gather the most fascinating health news for you -- all in one place! This week, discover interesting tidbits about your physical and mental health.

1. The real reason you're good at Cards Against Humanity -- empathy!

You know that person who's exceptionally good at picking the winning card? It's because they're the most empathetic. A Wall Street Journal article found that the best players of this popular party game are excellent at determining the card czar's sense of humor. They know who will appreciate dirty jokes, who will enjoy a completely random response, and who needs a literal answer.

2. Dad's health habits affect a baby, too

Though we've known for years that a mother's lifestyle can both positively and negatively affect a baby's health, a recent study in the American Journal of Stem Cells, found that both parents' habits can predict health issues in their child. For example, older fathers are linked with elevated rates of schizophrenia, paternal obesity is associated with a child's risk of metabolic changes and diabetes, and a dad's drinking habits may lead to a reduction in overall brain size and impaired cognitive function. There is no known cause-and-effect relationship, but it can't hurt if dads-to-be are just as concerned with their health as moms.

3. The closer the snacks, the more you'll eat

Work in an office with free food? Sit as far away from the kitchen as possible! According to a new study in Appetite, employees who sat closest to food and drinks were more likely to take a snack. The likelihood of snacking increased from 12% to 23% for men and from 13% to 17% for women when they were seated closest to the treats.

4. A packed schedule is good for your health

Enjoy being busy? Back-to-back activities can stimulate you brain. Tech Times reported that even after factoring in age and education, those with full schedules had better brain processing speed, working memory, reasoning, and vocabulary. The brain is continually building neural connections and by interacting with people, scheduling activities and staying busy, you're constantly stimulating the brain (and helping build these connections).

5. Bluetooth tampons are a thing

Any lady knows that forgetting about your tampon for too long can result in a big mess. my.Flow, a startup that uses Bluetooth technology to tell women when to change their tampons, has your answer (and a cringe-worthy marketing video). The tampon has a long string that attaches a bluetooth module to your waistband -- and tells you exactly when you should take a trip to the ladies room. Strange? Yes. Some potential design issues? Absolutely. Extremely useful? Definitely.