What Is a ‘Dad Bod’ and Does My Husband Have One?

posted: 05/06/15
by: Mara Betsch


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You've definitely seen a 'Dad Bod' before -- a slightly softer body that comes with the lack of free time and stress of being a dad -- but you've probably never heard the term until this past week. Now the term has gone viral -- there's even an Instagram account called CollegeDadBods.

Surprisingly, 'Dad Bod' has been used by college students for years -- it originated not as a way to describe 40-year-olds with a couple of toddlers, but less-than-ripped frat guys. And it has spread like wildfire. A 19-year-old Clemson University student wrote an ode to this new type of physique in her essay "Why Girls Love the Dad Bod." According to her, a 'Dad Bod' is defined as "a nice balance between a beer gut and working out." And, apparently the perks of this slightly rounder body "makes boys seem more human, natural and attractive."

She goes on to list other benefits of these guys -- it's less intimidating and the cuddling is better! -- and it has started a flurry of articles praising this new idea and even identifying a few celebs with 'Dad Bods' (we're looking at you, Leonardo DiCaprio).

Sure, I think we'd all like our mates to be in great shape (we'd all probably like to be in better shape ourselves), but if going to the gym every day takes away from him watching our kids, then I think we're all for the 'Dad Bod." And something tells me that some dads may even get fitter after having kids, since pounding beers and eating late-night pizza becomes a thing of the past when you've got a two-year-old screaming for you at 3 a.m.

Think your husband may have one? Here are a few telltale signs of real 'Dad Bods.'

1. Quads of steel from squatting to play with kids.

2. A lack of six-pack abs caused by shared mac-and-cheese dinners with your kids (it's the only thing they don't throw back in your face).

3. Biceps carved from lifting an approximately 300-pound diaper bag.

4. Defined calves from literally chasing down little ones. (Seriously, how can an 18-month-old be so freakin' fast?)

5. A softer-than-normal chest. He may not be bench pressing much these days, but that makes him all the better to cuddle with.

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