What Is Baby Foot — And Why Are Beauty Bloggers Obsessed with It?

posted: 05/18/16
by: TLCme
smooth feet

Now that warmer weather is finally here, that means it's time for shorter hemlines and sandals. But, if you're like me, and have been hiding your less-than-attractive toes in booties, sneakers, and only closed-toe shoes for the past six months, it's time to get a pedicure. But what if there was something better, something than your standard spa treatment?

Enter Baby Foot. The foot care product claims to have 17 natural extracts that exfoliate your feet, remove dead skin cells, and leave you with smoother soles. Upon further inspection though, the ingredients appear to include glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acid, according to Beauty.com, which make it like a chemical peel for your toes. These ingredients are thought to break down desmosomes, or the proteins that keep skin cells together, to allow your feet to shed dead skin cells. It also claims to help with foot odor, athlete's Foot, and blood circulation, but there isn't any research on their site to back up these assertions.

Baby Foot has been around since the late '90s, but the phenomenon is relatively new. And beauty bloggers (and the Internet, in general) are freaking out about it.

So how does it work? Each kit comes with two plastic booties that are filled with a gel containing the extracts they mention on their site. You soak and wash your feet, apply the plastic booties to your feet, and leave the treatment on for an hour (some who have tried it claim that leaving it on for a few minutes longer can help).

After that time, wash and dry your feet, and continue to soak them for the next few days. Between three to seven days after the treatment, the skin on your feet will begin to flake off (see these photos). According to online testimonials, it works very, very well.

For those of you (like me) with calloused, coarse feet, this is the answer to your prayers.

However, every beauty product comes with a few caveats. If you're thinking about trying this product, remember these rules:

1. If you have any cuts on your feet, avoid using it until they heel. Acid will sting or, worse, cause a reaction.

2. Doing this in the middle of summer may lead to some embarrassing foot flaking. Once your feet start flaking, you can't really control how much or when they flake, so be aware that closed-toed shoes may be necessary during this time.

3. If you have sensitive skin, test this product on a toe or two first. If you experience any stinging, rinse your feet immediately.

Have you tried it? Tell us about your experience!