What is a Honeyteer and Why Are So Many Couples Planning One

posted: 04/14/17
by: Amanda Mushro
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While most brides and grooms dream of getting their toes in the sand on romantic honeymoon after they tie the knot, many newlyweds are opting for a much different type of honeymoon. There is a rising trend of skipping the all-inclusive resort and instead, giving back during your vacation with your new spouse by choosing a volunteering honeymoon. So instead of the traditional honeymoon, some couples are planning a "honeyteer."

Choosing a honeyteer means you and your new spouse could work together to build houses in Belize for orphaned children, teach English to the fisherman of Zanzibar, protect rhinos and elephants at the Imire Safari Ranch in Zimbabwe, or head to the Brazilian Amazon to research and monitor pink river dolphins in the Mamirau? Reserve through Global Vision International. So if you are ready to roll up your sleeves after you take off your wedding gown, a honeyteer could be the perfect fit for you and your honey.

Companies like Kaya will create package like vacations and will organize your volunteering opportunities as well arrange all of your travel accommodations.

Choosing to help others during your honeymoon doesn't mean your entire vacation has to be a selfless act. While you can choose basic conditions and shared spaces during your stay, you can also choose private and luxury accommodations while you volunteer. So you can still enjoy a beautiful resort while on your honeymoon, and you can take some time away from your volunteer work to enjoy excursions and time for just you and your spouse.

There are some things to keep in mind when you plan your honeyteer:

  • You'll need to be flexible with dates. Often volunteering programs have set dates and you'll need to choose those dates rather than just going a day or two after your wedding.
  • Even though you are giving back, don't expect a free trip. You will still need to pay for your travel and accommodations even though you will be putting in work.
  • You can stay within the United States or travel abroad during your trip. Use sites like Charity.org to choose a cause and an organization to plan your trip

If you'd like to turn your new marriage into an opportunity to give back but you are not sure dedicating your entire honeymoon is a good fit for you, ask for charitable donations instead of gifts from your guests or add green and eco-friendly touches to your wedding decor.