What Happened After Patricia, Sharon, and Jean’s Reunion on Long Lost Family

posted: 02/13/17
by: Korenne Smith
LLF Patricia, Sharon, Jean
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Patricia, Sharon, and Jean

Grab the tissues! We've got another heartwarming update from the families featured on Long Lost Family: What Happened Next. On the first season of Long Lost Family, we met Patricia and watched her search for her birth mother. In the process of that experience, she met her sister, Sharon. Little did she know that she'd also discover her sister, Jean, on What Happened Next.

We asked Jean what's like to gain two sisters on Long Lost Family. Read her interview about the show's impact on her life.

TLCme: How did you feel when you first started this process?

Jean: So very excited, I always knew they were out there somewhere. There was no doubt in my mind that we were sisters.

TLCme: What was that moment like when you reunited with your long lost loved one?

Jean: There are no words for the emotions that you feel.

TLCme: How did you make an effort to build your new connection with your loved one?

Jean: We talk every day.

TLCme: What are some surprising similarities between yourself and your loved one?

Jean: We sent each other the same things at Christmas. It was so awesome.

TLCme: What did you expect from this experience? What didn't you expect?

Jean: To meet my sisters and to be able to spend time with one another. I didn't expect the look on Sharon's face when she seen me. I knew right away she recognized our mother in me.

TLCme: If you are adopted, what advice would you share with other adoptees searching for answers about their birth family?

Jean: Never give up! If your rejected in some way, it's their loss - not yours.

TLCme: What advice would you share with people searching for their lost loved ones?

Jean: Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. Protect your heart.

TLCme: How did Long Lost Family Change your life?

Jean: Long Lost Family literally gave me my two sisters that I may have never known. This show is awesome.

Watch these sisters' story on Long Lost Family: What Happened Next. You can watch the full episode here on TLC GO.