What Happened After Kristin and Evelyn’s Reunion on Long Lost Family

posted: 01/30/17
by: Korenne Smith

Kristen's need to reconnect with birth mother

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Kristen shares why she wants to reconnect with her birth mother.

Long Lost Family: What Happened Next provides viewers with updates into the emotional reunions captured on the first season of Long Lost Family. Kristin's journey to find her birth mother Evelyn was one of those stories. In the video above, you can watch Kristin explain why she wanted to desperately reconnect with her.

On Long Lost Family: What Happened Next, we saw how Kristin and Evelyn's relationship has blossomed since their first meeting. We asked each of them to share more about their experience on the show. Check out our exclusive interview with this mother and daughter below:

How did you feel when you first started this process?

Kristin: When I started this process, I honestly didn't think anything would come of it. When I got the voice mail from the show two days later, I felt completely panicked and didn't return the call until the next day.

Evelyn: What an emotional rollercoaster from LLF's first contact until the moment Kristin and I reconnected.

What was the moment like when you were reunited with your long lost loved one?

Kristin: Being reunited with my birth mother was amazing. It honestly felt like there was a shift in the universe and I now felt whole.

Evelyn: The moment of our first meeting I relaxed and felt all the tension in my body melt away.

How did you make an effort to build your new connection with your loved one?

Kristin: We both really made the effort on this one. Ca Mom (Evelyn, my birth mother) and I discussed about how to go about it. We decided we would talk once a week. We also decided we would text in between if we felt like it. Neither of us pushed the other to do anything. It was seamless.

Evelyn: Thank heaven for social media. Facebook and texting allow for daily interaction and we have a weekly phone call - more often if something is going on.

Kristin and family traveled to our home and spent Christmas 2015 with us and I'll be traveling to her home the last week of January to celebrate our birthdays.

What are some of the similarities between yourself and your loved one?

Kristin: The one similarity I noticed right away is that we have a lot of the same mannerisms and gestures. Also, our toes on our left feet are spatially challenged.

Evelyn: I'm wonderfully surprised how similar Kristin and I are in speech and mannerisms. And, we have the same feet!

What did you expect from this experience? What didn't you expect?

Kristin: Many years ago, long before Long Lost Family, I made the decision that if I were ever reconnected with my birth parents that I would accept any result, no matter what were to happen.

Evelyn: I had always hoped that we would reconnect one day. And now that we have it is wonderful.

If you are adopted, what advice would you share with other adoptees searching for answers about their birth family?

Kristin: I would try to limit expectations. We are who we are - there's no changing that. It's unfair to put excessive expectations on to someone in such a sensitive situation. Lay the ground rules out as soon as possible. Be patient and kind.

Evelyn: My advise to anyone that is searching for a loved one or is a loved one hoping to be found: Take the step, the leap, the journey. It is heartwarming and healing at the same time.

What advice would you share with people searching for their lost loved ones?

Kristin: Don't give up. Be ready to receive information of any kind - any and all information can provide closure.

How did Long Lost Family change your life?

Kristin: Long Lost Family provided me with the answers to lifelong questions. There's a peace in having all the pieces to the puzzle. It was such a beautiful experience with kind and amazing people and I'll remember it lovingly forever.

Evelyn: I cannot say enough about Long Lost Family. These wonderful people were so compassionate and understanding and genuine, well aware of how fragile we were during this process. They repaired the tear in our universe.

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Kristin (right) reunited with her birth mother Evelyn (left) on the first season of Long Lost Family,