What Happened After Jenny’s Family Reunion on Long Lost Family

posted: 01/17/17
by: Korenne Smith

What Happened Next for Jenny and Joanna

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Find out what happened after the reunion on Long Lost Family: What Happened Next.

Long Lost Family is back with a spinoff series, Long Lost Family: What Happened Next. The show follows the journeys of what happens with participants after their reunions with lost loved ones. The spinoff tracks the developments in several of the most talked about stories featured in the first season. Relationships become more complicated, new truths come to light, and never-before-known family members come forward.

Jenny is one of those memorable stories from the first season of Long Lost Family. She desperately wanted to search for her birth mother. When they finally connected, Jenny realized that she had worked side-by-side with her mother, Nita, at a local hospital. In her own words, Jenny told TLCme about how Long Lost Family changed her life since that family reunion.

TLCme: How did you feel when you first started this process?

Jenny: When I first started the process I felt numb, excited, anxious, but overwhelmed with joy.

TLCme: What was that moment like when you reunited with your long lost loved one?
Jenny: The moment that I reunited with my loved one was unreal but awkward and a bit uncomfortable.

TLCme: What did you expect from this experience? What didn't you expect?
Jenny: I expected a relationship that I had already created in my mind. I didn't expect to be let down or disappointed by the outcome but I was unfortunately.

TLCme: How did Long Lost Family change your life?
Jenny: Although I didn't connect with my biological mother and her family, I was able to meet some of the Monroe's, such as my cousin Willie and form a relationship. Other family members have been cordial as well. Overall, it solidified that I'd been good enough all along. I was so honored to finally know my roots, but also honored that I'd been cared for by my adoptive family despite how things turned out. I have a greater appreciation for myself and all those that love and accept me right where I am.

Watch the full episode of Long Lost Family: What Happened Next featuring Jenny's story here on TLCgo.

Jenny Thomas from Long Lost Family
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Jenny and her cousin Willie