What Do You See a Duck or a Bunny? Your Answer Tells a Lot About Your Personality

posted: 02/24/16
by: Amanda Mushro

Time for a little brain teaser! What do you see when you look at this image? A rabbit? A duck? This 104-year-old sketch has gained a lot of popularity as it's making its rounds on social media, and it's all because of these two animals and what your answers say about your personality.


Dr. Joseph Jastrow, who studied optical illusions, said (in 1899) that if you can flip quickly between seeing a duck and a bunny, you are a highly creative person. According to his research, the quicker your brain works, the more creative you are.

To test this theory a study was done with participants who could seamlessly see both a rabbit and a duck. They were asked to come up with an average of five clever uses for everyday items--like a chair or a cup. However, those participants who only saw one animal could barely come up with two additional uses. Personally, my answers would depend on how much coffee I had that day.

Interesting to note, depending on the time of year, people see a different animal first. So in the springtime, near Easter, people are more likely to see a rabbit, and in the fall, the duck seems to be more prominent.

So what's your answer? And how creative are you feeling right now?