What Can Your Horoscope Really Tell You About Your Love Life?

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by: Mara Betsch
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Even if you don't regularly read your horoscope, you probably know your astrological sign (aka your sun sign) and all the stereotypes that go along with it. Though some people brush astrology off as a frivolous pastime, it is a scientific process that looks at how celestial bodies move and makes predictions based on those movements.

The more that scientists research astrology, the more they realize that there may be some truth to it -- research shows that your birth month may be able to predict health issues.

However, research is pretty scant on how it affects your love life. One study found that your sign doesn't have an impact on the probability of marrying someone of a different sign, but they also didn't ask participants if preconceived notions of who they thought they were compatible with influenced how they chose a mate.

So when you're looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right, where do you start?

Even if you have an idea of the sign you think you should be with, avoid "astrological profiling," according to Jessica Lanyadoo, a San Francisco-based astrologist who regularly writes love horoscopes. "First get to know a person, and once you know that you like them, or once you know that they're terrible, then research the astrology to understand your experience," she says. Our needs and wants change as we get older and evolve, she says. "When you don't like a sign, it says more about you than the sign. We change, and you may hate Aries in your 20s and then fall in love with an Aries in your 30s."

But no matter what you believe, the beauty of horoscopes -- and why we love to read them -- is that they explain why we are the way we are. "Astrology is one of those tools to use to help you learn about yourself," says celebrity astrologer Terry Nazon who runs the @SEXSTROLOGY Twitter account. So even if you couldn't care less about your date's sign, the first step in being a good partner is understanding your own strengths and shortcomings, and your horoscope can absolutely help you learn that.

Read on to get expert advice on what your horoscope can tell you about your love life.

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