What Are the Odds? These Twin Sisters Gave Birth Just Minutes Apart!

posted: 02/10/16
by: Mara Betsch
twin sisters give birth at same time

Twins often do a lot of things together -- they start school at the same time, celebrate birthdays simultaneously, and attend most of the same social events. But twin sisters Stephanie Edginton and Nicole Montgomery, from Vorhees, New Jersey, took things to a new level -- they gave birth at almost the exact same time!

In what's definitely one for the record books, the ladies, who were born three minutes apart themselves, delivered their daughters Louisa and Cora just six minutes apart. Stephanie, who was due this Friday, had a doctor's appointment on Monday, and when the doctor said she needed to head to the hospital, she got a call that Nicole was also en route. Now, the rest is history. Hear their crazy story below!