What Amy Roloff’s Tattoo Means

posted: 07/06/16
by: TLCme
Amy Tat
Amy Roloff

Amy's Gonna Get a Tattoo

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Amy decides to get a tattoo and Audrey is the first to know about it.

Amy Roloff had a milestone birthday, as she turned 50 and she wanted to do something to commemorate her life's journey. A feeling that many of us feel at a milestone birthday, or maybe any birthday. Amy wanted to venture outside her box a bit and celebrate the next chapter of her life. As Roloff told PEOPLE, "Getting a tattoo seemed like a fun and yet permanent thing to do." And it was for his reason Amy spent almost 3 years coming up with the design that was right for her.

Amy wondered if perhaps she was doing it because she had hit a milestone birthday, or did she actually want a tattoo? As someone who has never been a fan of tattoos, she kept thinking about getting one.

In regards to the design Amy told PEOPLE "Daises are my favorite flower and of course a rose or roses.. Being a mom to four kids is the most significant event and gifts of my life. Where I was and am in life right now there is more to Amy and life. More life to live, experience, to give and to do and love." She then went on to say "The heart is for love - no matter what happens, always love and reminds me that Jesus loves me as well. The simple little cross reminds me of my faith. Faith in Christ and his word the Bible. That is what sustains me."

Amy felt with all that is going on in her life, this was the right time to go through with the tattoo because despite all that's happened, "I'm still Amy," she states.

Amy-Rethinks Her Tattoo

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Amy re-thinks her decision to get a tatoo.