Wedding Tip: Pack These Things in Your Honeymoon Suitcase

posted: 08/10/15
by: Randy Fenoli
Packed suitcase with bridal bouquet and white planket is ready for honeymoon
You spent all that time and effort planning your wedding that you barely have energy to think about your honeymoon, let alone what to pack for it. Here comes Randy Fenoli to the rescue with some great tips on what you absolutely must have on hand for that trip you'll remember forever.

1. The essential documents. You can't go anywhere without your passport, visas, and driver's license. And of course you'll need your airline tickets!

2. Some snacks for the inevitable travel delays. You're traveling, you're in the airport, you've got a two-hour wait before you can even board the plane. Then you're gonna be on the plane for how many hours? Then you're gonna be waiting in Immigrations or Customs. So you're going to want something to snack on. You don't want your blood sugar to drop too low while you're embarking on this sweet adventure, so snacks are key (and as you know, I'm a fan of Jack Link's chicken jerky).

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3. A camera. Don't forget to pack your camera. You want to take pictures. (And yes, you can use your phone, but there's something to be said for an old-fashioned camera that prints real photos.)

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4. Emergency contact list. I would make a list of phone numbers of emergency contacts such as your house, dog, cat sitter, whatever. Your doctor, in case - you know, you need something. Something happens while you're on your trip, or whatever. Your credit card company's phone numbers in case you lose your wallet, you can call and cancel all your credit cards or whatever. Prescription medications, of course. I have forgotten that before while traveling.

5. Electrical converter or adapter. Especially if you're traveling to Europe or Asia or South Africa, or whatever, you're going to have your hair dryer, iPod, etc.. Whatever electronic device you're going to have, you're going need a converter or adapter. I think that's really important to have with you. Otherwise you're gonna be -- you're not going to be able to use it or charge it.

And there you have it, the essential list. Happy packing!