Top Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping with an Entourage

posted: 10/13/11
by: TLC
Randy Fenoli Picks the Top Bridal Fashion Trends

Randy knows that the people you bring to an appointment can make or break your chances of getting the dream dress. When a bride brings an entourage to an appointment, or even just one loud, judgmental friend, she also brings a lot of opinions. From a fashionista friend that offers up one too many critiques, to an overbearing mom that almost takes over, the loudest voice at a dress appointment isn't always the bride's own.

Randy has 10 timeless tips for members of the bride's entourage:

  1. Don't disrespect the bride's budget.
  2. Don't talk the bride out of buying a dress she loves.
  3. Don't try to be a consultant to other brides.
  4. Don't overwhelm the bride with too many opinions.
  5. A helpful hand is great, but a hostile takeover isn't!
  6. Don't be a downer on the bride's big day.
  7. Don't think you know more than the expert.
  8. Don't take control of your daughter's big day.
  9. Don't force your style on the bride.
  10. A bridesmaid should be there to help, not hinder.