Wedding Bounce Castles Are a Thing and We’re Head Over Heels for Them

posted: 05/09/18
by: TLCme
As we all know if you're planning a wedding, it better be the absolute best wedding. It need to be both memorable and elegant, fun and romantic, one of a kind yet traditional, which is why some brides opt to fly into their wedding. Now, I'm not close to being married, nor have I thought too much about what my future wedding might look like (ok, I have a Pinterest board, and know who I want to design my dress and where I want to get engaged, but aside from that...), there is now one detail that will be a non-negotiable, and that is a Wedding Bounce Castle.

According to Wedding Wonderland, a UK based company - the bounce castle can fit up to 7 people and can be customized for your special day. It seems as though as of now these are only available in the UK, which means I will be having a destination wedding if they do not appear in the US by the time I say yes!