Wearing a Low-cut Top to an Interview Might Just Get You the Job

posted: 06/29/16
by: Ashley Vazquez
picture of scantily clad working woman

When going in for a job interview, it's definitely a good idea to dress for success. But what does that really mean? As women, we were always taught it meant skirts that are knee length or longer and conservative tops that don't show any cleavage. We were told that if we reveal too much, we would not be taken seriously in a professional environment.

Apparently, we were wrong. A disturbing new study carried out in Paris found that women who wore revealing tops in their job application photos were 19 more likely to get an interview.

(You might be thinking why are they even putting pictures on resumes? This is pretty typical of French resumes. However, even though most Americans don't put pictures on their resumes, this thought pattern could affect the way employers view what women wear to an interview. Or what photos women choose for their LinkedIn profile.)

Over the course of three years, Dr. Sevag Kertechian scoured job listings in the sales and accounting fields. He took two women with very similar looks and nearly identical resumes, and submitted their resumes for 200 accounting jobs and 200 sales jobs. Each woman's picture was submitted half the time dressed in a conservative top, and half the time wearing a low-cut, revealing dress.

The woman in the low-cut top was called back for 68 more interviews for accounting jobs and 62 more interviews for sales jobs than her modestly dressed counterpart.

Each time, whether the job was for a customer-facing sales position or an office job, the woman who showed cleavage in her picture was far more likely to be called back for an interview.

We can only hope that a similar study about higher IQs or levels of experience would net a similar result, but we'll have to wait and see.