We Wish We Could Sleep Like This! A Teen’s Power Nap Goes Viral

posted: 05/24/17
by: Amanda Mushro

After seeing this video, we might want to change the saying "sleep like a baby" to "sleep like a teenager." When 13 year old Savannah Johnson tagged along with her mom to run a few errands, she asked to stay in the car to listen to music while her mom made a quick stop into a store. However, when Savannah's mom returned, she found the Utah teen fast asleep inside the car. What would seem to be no big deal, turns into quite an ordeal because no matter what her mother does, she cannot wake the teen! With the keys inside the running car, Savannah sleeping peacefully, and everyone trying to wake her up, our new favorite viral video was born.

The video shows Savannah's mom banging on the windows, sharking the car, and even getting another car to honk their horn over and over, but nothing seems to stir Savannah. In between laughs and a lot of shock that anyone could seep through all that noise, no one could wake the teen after 30 minutes. That's when her mom knew it was time to call in reinforcements, the local police.

Fortunately a police officer was able to open the door with a special device and the video shows Savannah a bit confused about all of the people now staring at her. After Savannah woke up she thanked the officer who replied with a simple, "You're welcome. I'm glad you got a good nap."

When her father posted the video to Facebook he captioned it "It takes an act of Deity--or the Lindon Police Department--to wake up my daughters."

So tell us in the comments, have you ever been in such a deep sleep nothing wakes you up?