Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

posted: 01/25/17
by: Amanda Mushro
Christmas is Over 4
Christmas is Over 4


As the temperatures outside drop and you feel your mood dropping too, the winter blues are setting in. The grey skies and shorter days of winter often make us sad, cranky, and tired. Spring is an easy fix to the winter doldrums, but since we've got a lot more winter ahead, here's seven small changes you can make for a big difference in your mood.

Make Plans- When the weather is cold and gloomy and you feel the same way, it's easy to stay inside and hibernate. Instead of hiding under the covers night after night, start making plans to get out of the house. Go to dinner with friends, plan weekend outings, get a day trip on the calendar.

Hit the Gym- Getting active and going to the gym is a great way to lift your spirits any time of year, but working out is even more helpful in the winter. Even if the gym isn't your favorite place, make it work for you three to four times a week. Walk on the treadmill, take a class, or find a friend that wants to workout with you.

Turn on the Lights- If this time of year you are craving sunlight, then start by opening the blinds, pulling back the curtains, and sitting closer to the windows while you work or relax. Still need a pick-me-up? Using a lightbox for 30 minutes a day is effective in combatting winter blues.

Plan a Vacation- According to one study, the act of planning a future vacation will lift your spirits and help boost your mood.

Surround Yourself in Summer Scents- From coconut lotions to mango scented candles, filling your home with scents that remind you summer warmth will instantly lift your spirits.

Find a Hobby- Laying on the couch and binge watching hours of TV sounds like the perfect pastime when you are feeling the winter blues, but finding something that you love, even if it's a summer activity that you need to modify, will have mood boosting effects. Make the hobby you love a priority.

Make the Most of Winter- Even though it may be your least favorite season, it's time to embrace winter and make the most of it. Take advantage of the cold weather and bundle up to play in the snow, go ice skating, or have friends over and drink hot coco. Having a positive attitude anytime of year is key to feeling balanced.