Watch When This Little Girl Was Literally Blown Away by the Wind

posted: 03/10/17
by: MIkayla Baiocchi

For this little girl, "getting blown away by the wind" wasn't a joke, but her reality for a moment.

In a priceless Facebook video that has gone viral, a little girl is captured opening the door to her house, only to be flung into the air by a huge gust of wind. Good thing she was holding onto the door knob the entire time, so she was not hurt at all.

The hilarious happening took place during a windstorm in Northeast Ohio and this 4-year-old--named Madison--was captured by a camera that seems to be attached to her house.

According to her mom--who posted the video on Facebook--Madison was initially scared, but ended up laughing about it, later recounting to people "how she flew."

We are certainly happy this mini Superwoman is okay!