Watch This Crazy Time-Lapse of the Tattoo Girls Inking TLCme’s Danni Starr!

posted: 01/30/17
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Danni Starr Gets a Tattoo at Ink Ink

When TLCme's Danni Starr wanted a new tattoo, she knew just the place to go -- Ink Ink!

For the premiere of TLC's brand new series, Tattoo Girls, Danni got a tattoo on Facebook live at the Ink Ink shop in Springfield, Missouri. She also let the viewers pick her final tattoo! The fans went crazy over the London skyline designed by one of the stars of Tattoo Girls, Nikki. Danni was ecstatic over the viewers' choice, as she explained she had an "Eat, Pray, Love experience" in the city.

Once the viewers got to know the ladies of Ink Ink a little better, Danni put on a brave face and Nikki got to tattooing! Check out the time-lapse above to see the incredible tattoo of the London skyline come to life on Danni's arm!

You can watch the entire live event on Facebook, and catch up on full episodes of Tattoo Girls on TLCgo!

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