Watch This 7-Year-Old’s Priceless Reaction to His New Pony

posted: 10/27/16
by: TLCme

Plenty of young kids go through a phase of asking their parents for a pony, but Sabastian Lucas was more serious than most: The 7-year-old boy spent three years selling lemonade to his neighbors in Brisbane, Australia, to save up enough money to buy one.

Lucas told ABC Brisbane that he sold the lemonade for 20 cents a cup and managed to earn nearly $3,000. His parents surprised him with Tom, a 13-year-old white schoolmaster pony. "For years he kept putting money in a jar and kept praying to the pony gods," said his mother, Juliana Kent. "We had to embrace it."

Sabastian has embraced his new best friend, too: "I've ridden him nearly 10 times in five days," he said, and, according to Good Housekeeping, "he recently fell asleep on his pony after an hour of petting him."