Watch the Sweet Video of a Young Boy Helping an Elderly Woman Up the Stairs

posted: 06/06/18
by: Amanda Mushro

A video of a young boy jumping into action to help older woman has not only gone viral but warmed the hearts of millions.

8-year-old Maurice Adams was riding in the car with his mother when he spotted an elderly woman struggling to cross a busy street and make her way up a set of stairs with her walker. He asked his mother if he could help the woman, and when his mother said yes, Maurice rushed to the woman's side and offered to help.

"He asked, 'Can I go out there and help her up the steps?'" Maurice's mother Contricia Hill told WSB-TV. After helping the woman, she had some kind words for the young boy. "He got in the car, and he was like, 'She said I was special,'" Hill said.

In the video, Maurice can be see putting his hand on the woman's back and helping to balance her walker as he assists her up the stairs. When they reach the top of the stairs, the woman gives the boy a hug and walks away smiling.

Fortunately for all of us, this act of kindness was captured on video by Riley Duncan, who was in the car behind them. When he saw Maurice leave his mother's car to assist the woman, he began recording and eventually shared the now viral video. "Thank God for our youth," he captioned the video. Duncan later found Maurice and gave the boy $100 for his kindness.

According to Maurice's mother, these acts of kindness are the norm for this young man. "Countless times, he'll help people put their groceries in their car at Walmart," Hill said. "He's really kindhearted." Clearly this mom is raising her son right.

The original video can be found by clicking this link.