Watch the Most Unforgettable Trading Spaces Reveals Ever

posted: 04/05/18
by: TLCme

Remember Trading Spaces? The design show we all loved where two neighbors redecorate one room in the other's home! After hundreds of episodes, the designers and carpenters were like family. Now, ten years later, the old gang is BACK on TLC!

The room makeovers on the show are unforgettable and life changing...and well, sometimes they weren't exactly ideal for the homeowners, but nevertheless provided an experience that would last them a lifetime. Take a look back and watch some of these unforgettable episodes on TLC GO.

Remember the room so bright you needed a pair of shades just to look at it.

This family really got the opportunity to stop and smell the roses.

This family got a new playroom for their kids, and it was wildly fun!

Life can be wild, and at times if feels like a circus...especially if this is a room in your home.

When this couple got the loft of their dreams!

When we all wanted to be a kid again after seeing this room!

Watch all the classic reveals and keep up with the brand new season on TLC GO!