Watch the Hodges Family FINALLY Reunite with their Half Dozen Children

posted: 07/24/17
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Hodges Welcome Quints Home

The Hodges' adorable quintuplets were born three months premature this past March. Now, after an almost four-month long wait, mom, Liz, dad, Daniel, and big brother, Rowan, finally have their five bundles of joy home from the hospital!

Half Dozen Hodges
TLC/Drew Smith/AP
A small-town Texan family, the Hodges turned to fertility drugs to help conceive a sibling for two-year-old Rowan. They were shocked and overjoyed when, instead of one more baby, they found out Liz was pregnant with 5!

Proud father Daniel, who's also a Marine, told People that their birth was the "most intense feeling of being blessed I've ever felt in my entire life." Following the birth, the quints spent the last few months at Ascension's Seton Medical Center Austin in Austin, Texas growing and learning to eat on their own in the neonatal intensive care unit .
Half Dozen Hodges 2
TLC/Drew Smith/AP
As of Sunday, July 23 2017, first-born Teagan, Connell, Liam, Nolan and Dillon have left the NICU and settled in their home of Temple, Texas. But their story is far from over.

The Hodges will continue to share their lives on TLC, which will cover Liz's challenging pregnancy, the Hodges NICU journey, and now how they adjust to life as a family of eight! With Liz at home with six kids and Daniel in medical school, budgeting both time and money will be a definite struggle.

Watch the miraculous story of these quints this fall on TLC!
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