Leave It to the Duggar Kids to Dream Up Crazy-Delicious Cupcake Ideas

posted: 04/05/16
by: TLCme

We know that the Duggar daughters like to cook, but it turns out the Duggar boys are foodies, too. Even though you may not see them in the kitchen on "Counting On," they know their way around desserts. When asked what cupcake flavors they'd choose to eat, John David, Josiah, Joe, and Ben had no shortage of ideas, although many of them included some meaty ingredients. Jana and Jinger, however, looked to their favorite beverage -- coffee! -- when deciding on their flavors. Watch the videos below to see what they dreamed up!

John David Duggar Describes Which Ingredients He'd Include in His Meat-Lovers' Cupcake

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John David Duggar explains why his ideal cupcake includes lots of meat.